Join us for a evening of FUN  at one of Orlando’s Cabaret Dinner Show ~ “Dining with the Divas”

Date:  Friday, November 3rd

Pricing:  $45/pp (Club Member) or $50/pp (Non Member)  Payment is due at time of reserving!   

Leave: 5:30 pm ~ Dinner: 7 pm ~ Show: 8 pm ~ Return: 11:30 pm

Pick up location:  Continental Country Club, CR 44, Wildwood

Cut off: October 24, 2023

Female impersonation, comedy and celebrity look-a-likes all in one show. There will be a $6.99/pp entertainment fee and you will be required to purchase at least one entrée or two alcoholic beverages per person.  These costs will be the guest responsibility.  Remember to bring $1 for “tipping.”