Date:  Thursday, Sept 12, 2024 

Cost:  $102/pp Club Member or $110/pp Non-Club Member 

Leave:  12:30 pm ~ Show: 2 pm ~ Return: 6:30 pm

Show only!!!  NO stops for lunch or dinner

Included:  r/t transportation, tickets to show, tip to bus driver

Pick up location: Wildwood Community Center, 6500 Powell Rd., Wildwood

There’s magic to do as a charismatic Leading Player tells the story of Pippin, a young man who searches for the secret to true happiness and fulfillment in Stephen Schwartz’s iconic and unforgettable musical masterpiece. He seeks it in the glories of the battlefield, the temptations of the flesh, and the intrigues of political power. At the journey’s end, Pippin finds that happiness lies not in extraordinary endeavors, but rather in the unextraordinary moments that happen every day.